Shilpa Nagar

Founder and CEO


Shilpa Nagar founded the company first in 2007 and then again re-founded in 2016 as a unique boutique Cloud Solutions shop exclusively focused on Microsoft Azure Cloud and Office 365 along with Azure Internet of Things (IoT), Azure Big Data and Azure Machine Leaning and Blockchain. With a unique business model and deep technical insight and legendary customer skills she aims to drive BHT Solutions as prefered partner of choice for its valued clients.


Nitin Nagar



Nitin brings in 13+ years of industry experience and deep hands on experience on Microsoft's Cloud stack (Azure IaaS, Azure PaaS and Office 365 SaaS). As a senior Cloud Solutions Consultant he has successfully delivered solutions to leading organizations such as Microsoft, Devon Energy, McKesson, Center Point Energy and U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


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